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Canonical Orthodoxy

If you question a jurisdiction's status with regard to sharing the Eucharistic Cup with canonical jurisdictions, check the list of Autocephalous Orthodox Churches and Autonomous Orthodox Churches as compiled by the Orthodox Church in America, and presented below. A good rule to follow: if your jurisdiction is not listed below, it is most likely not a legitimate part of worldwide Orthodoxy.

S.C.O.B.A. Defined

Food For Thought -- Problems of Orthodoxy in America: The Canonical Problem
by Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann (Memory Eternal)

The Oriental Orthodox Churches (Not part of the Eastern Orthodox Church)

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Autocephalous Churches

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The Church of Albania

The Church of Alexandria

The Church of Antioch

The Church of Bulgaria

The Church of Constantinople

The Church of Cyprus

The Church of the Czech and Slovak Republics

The Church of Georgia

The Church of Greece

The Church of Jerusalem

The Orthodox Church in America

The Church of Poland

The Church of Romania

The Church of Russia

The Church of Serbia

Autonomous Churches

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Self-Governing AntiochianOrthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America

The Church of Finland

The Church of Japan

The Church of Sinai

The Church of Ukraine

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