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Canonical Church of Russia

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His Holiness, KIRILL, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia


Danilov Monastery
22 Danilovsky Val
Moscow 113191, Russia
Phone (+7-095) 230-24-39
Fax (+7-095) 230-26-19
email: commserv@mospat.dol.ru



Russian Patriarchate - English and Russian. (Note: The English web site is very incomplete.)


Diocese of Nizhny-Novgorod
Diocese of Sourozh - Ennismore Gardens, London. The Russian Orthodox Church in Great Britain and Ireland.

Under the Church of Russia...

Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia

Church of Estonia (Exarchate) - No known web site.

Byelorussian Orthodox Church (Exarchate) - In Belarus only. Historical information about the church.
The Autonomous Church of China


Orthodoxy in China - This site is the official page of the Group for the Study of Orthodoxy in China organized by the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate. Pages in Chinese, Russian, and English. Contributing to the web site are officials of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia. The autonomous Church of China is nearly extinct.

Chinese Orthodoxy on the Web - From the web site maintained by Presbyter John Whiteford of the ROCOR. The site includes links to Chinese texts, as well as information about China and Chinese Orthodoxy. A comprehensive site with notes about dialects and the ancient vs. modern Chinese language.

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