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The modern ‘problematic’ of biblical studies in contemporary Orthodoxy concerns the tensions which are manifested by the understanding, on one hand, that the Bible is ‘the Book of the Church’ which can only be properly understood and interpreted within the ongoing life of the Church — its prayer, liturgy, spirituality, etc. and the attempt to treat it as a work which can stand alone like any other piece of literature (and therefore subject to the same kinds of critical analysis as any other piece of literature) or as the unique criterion by which all else is judged in the Church. ‘Modern’ biblical studies usually take up the  latter point of view. The problem for the Orthodox student of the Bible is to know modern methods sufficiently well so that he cannot be dismissed as a ‘fundamentalist’ (or by some similar intellectual pejorative), yet not allow his vision to be clouded by the intellectual and methodological shortcomings typical of most literary criticism.”  

— Fr. Thomas Pleska, former rector of Sts. Peter & Paul Orthodox Church, Meriden, CT, lately of the Holy Mountain

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Bible Gateway - The Gospel Communications Network, a ministry of Gospel Films, Inc. - Various translations and Bible search engines.

The Unbound Bible - Sponsored by Biola University, a Protestant institution in La Mirada, CA, this site will satisfy Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Bible students. Provided are the Deuterocanonical books with its King James version, and the the official Catholic Bible that was produced during the King James era, the Douay-Rheims version of 1609.

New American Bible - The official Catholic version of 1991 on the web site of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. The site includes the historical, prefatory material for each of the major sections of the Bible.

New Revised Standard Version of 1989 - An ecumenical, gender-free Bible on the Daily Devotions web site.

The Bible in Chinese: Modern Chinese, Traditional Characters - A Roman Catholic translation, which includes the deuterocanonical books.
Other Chinese Bibles online in traditional characters
Chinese Bibles online in simplified characters

The Bible in Church Slavonic - The Bible has been made available on CD by the Saint-Petersburg School of Religion and Philosophy. St. Petersburg, Russia.

Comprehensive List of On-line Bibles - From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Die Bibel, Martin Luther Translation - Provided by the University of Michigan Humanities Text Initiative. This resource offers both searching and browsing capabilities.

Finnish Bible - In Finnish.

Home of the Greek Bible - From Myriobiblos, the etext library of the Church of Greece.

King James Version Bible - Provided by the University of Michigan Humanities Text Initiative. This resource offers both searching and browsing capabilities. 

Latin Vulgate Bible - University of Pennsylvania.

The New Testament (Rheims 1582) - Provided by the University of Michigan Humanities Text Initiative. This resource offers both searching and browsing capabilities.

Revised Standard Edition of the Bible - From the Electronic Text Center,  University of Virginia.

Revised Standard Version Bible - Provided by the University of Michigan Humanities Text Initiative. This resource offers both searching and browsing capabilities.

Russian Bible - In Russian. Does not include the secondary canon, and there is no indication of what is being translated. The Bible used appears to be the protestant Bible.

Turkish New Testament - Not in English.

Parallel Latin-English Psalter

The Septuagint with Apocrypha: Greek and English - By Sir Lancelot C.L. Brenton, published by Samuel Bagster & Sons, Ltd., London, 1851, ISBN 0-913753-44-2, transcribed by Nelson Chin and placed in Public Domain, 1999. Only a few book are availagble at present, but it's a start. 


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Religous and Sacred Texts  - Bahai Texts, Bible, Confucian Texts, Dead Sea Scrolls, Divrei Torah, Christian Fathers, Ethiopian Texts, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, Gnostic Texts, Hindu Texts, Islamic Texts, 1st and 2nd Books of Jeu, Mormon Texts, Nag Hammadi Texts, Old Testament Apocrypha, Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, Pistis Sophia, New Testament Apocryphal Acts, New Testament Apocryphal Apocalypse, New Testament Apocryphal Gospels, Taoist Texts, Sepher Yetzirah, Sikh Texts, Urantia Book, Zen Texts, Zoroastrian Texts.



Articles   Which Came First: The Church Or the New Testament?  - A Conciliar Press publication by Fr. James Bernstein. Alternate Site

Scripture, Tradition, and The Church - A page of links to a wonderful collection of articles on the web site of the Orthodox Christian Information Center. Articles include The Emergence of the New Testament Canon, by Daniel F. Lieuwen Do Not Add to His Words: Thoughts on the New Testament Canon by Joel Kalvesmaki, and An Orthodox View of Sola Scriptura by Fr. John Whiteford.

All About The Bible - Its Original Languages and English Translations, from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese.

An Orthodox Critique of English Translations of the Bible - From the web site of Holy Trinity Cathedral, San Francisco, CA, Orthodox Church in America.

The Apocrypha: Why It's Part of the Bible - The Protestant rationale for omitting these biblical books cannot stand up to logical & historical scrutiny.

The Basic Sources of the Teachings of the Eastern Orthodox Church - By Rev. George Mastrantonis, Greek Orthodox priest. Includes: Importance of the Orthodox Christian’s knowledge of sources; accurate sources of the Orthodox Church (listed in chronological order, with a short explanation); contemporary importance of primary and secondary sources.

The Beatitudes - Russian Orthodox Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Links to other groups of articles.

The Bible and Holy Tradition - By Archpriest David Moser, Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia.

The Bible: Its Original Languages and English Translations - By Rev. George Mastrantonis, Greek Orthodox priest. Includes: The Bible—Greatest Monument of Mankind; The Original Languages of the Inspired Word of God; The Translations of the Bible; The Need to Know the Original Languages; The Translation of the Bible into English; The Revised Standard Version; The Finding of Ancient Manuscripts in Original Languages; The Need of a Common English Version, etc.

Bible.Net - From this website you can: READ the Entire Bible in Many Different Translations, LOCATE Any Verse with an Online Concordance Search, LOOK UP Scripture Cross-References & Commentaries, ACCESS the Original Greek or Hebrew for Any Verse, COMPARE King James & Revised Versions Side-by-Side, LEARN about the Fascinating History of the English Bible, DOWNLOAD the Complete Text of Several Bibles Via FTP, REVIEW the Classic Writings of Historic Christianity, LISTEN to Hundreds of Hymns in Midi Files, HEAR Any Passage of God's Word Read Aloud with Real Audio.

Church Fathers and Patristic Citations - By Robert B. Waltz. An essay on how the Church fathers are “used” in textual criticism as currently practiced.

About the Codex Sinaiticus - The world's oldest known New Testament dating to c. 350 A.D. Some facts: • Includes both Old and New Testaments plus the Epistle of Barnabas and the book Shepherd of Hermas • Text is Alexandrian • May have originated in Palestine or in Alexandria • Preserved in the library of St. Catherine Monastery on Mount Sinai until 1869 when sold to Czar Alexander II of Russia for about $7000 by arrangement of Constantin von Tischendorf • Sold by Russia to Britain for 100,000 pounds in 1933 • Resides at the British Museum in London 
Entry From the Catholic Encyclopedia
Rubrics in Codex Sinaiticus - This is Song of Songs 1:1-4 in Old Greek from the Codex Sinaiticus. The rubrics serve to provide a narrative framework and to distribute portions of the Song to various speakers. With an English translation.
Scanned photograph of a page from Codex Sinaiticus.

Chrysostom Press - This site has online scripture commentary by Blessed Theophylact for the  Sunday Gospel readings for the whole year, and a growing number of full length lives of the saints from The Great Collection of Saint Demetrius of Rostov.

Dating the Oldest New Testament Manuscripts - By Peter van Minnen, professor at Duke University.

Dead Sea Scrolls - Library of Congress.

Early Church Fathers - Who did they think wrote Hebrews?

Internet Theology Resources: Scripture - An incredible and exhaustive list of resources on the web for the study of Holy Scripture. From Alcuin (St. John’s University) and Clemens (College of St. Benedict) libraries.

Orthodox Biblical Resources - Contains links that will warm the hearts of those who truly believe from the depths of their souls that textual criticism is a model of scientific inquiry. It also contains such useful material as links to the various books of the secondary canon, articles on the scriptures from an Orthodox perspective, and useful dictionaries.

The Pendant: The Bible and Holy Tradition - By Fr. David Moser 

The Psalter as a Book of Needs - According to the usage of St. Arsenios of Cappadocia, as transmitted by the Athonite Elder Paisios. From the St. Pachomius Orthodox Library.

The Rock of Apostle Peter - By Panagiotis Boumis, translated by David Turner. A contribution to the interpretation of the passage Matthew 16.18. From Myriobiblos, the etext library of the Church of Greece. 


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