Recipe Sources for Orthodox Fasting
Cross & VineSt. John Chrysostom (345-407) said that the purpose of fasting is to prepare for partaking of the Holy Eucharist and for the Christian solemn celebrations. Chrysostom taught many times that fasting is not merely the abstention from certain foods, but mainly an abstention from evil doings. 

Chrysostom also warns against hypocritical fasting: “It is possible for one who fasts not to be rewarded for his fasting. How? When indeed we abstain from foods, but do not abstain from iniquities; when we do not eat meat, but gnaw to pieces the homes of the poor; when we do not become drunkards with wine, but we become drunkards with evil pleasures; when we abstain all the day, but all the night we spend in unchastened shows. Then what is the benefit of abstention from foods, when on the one hand you deprive your body of a selected food, but on the other offer yourself unlawful food?”



Note: Generally, vegetarian and “vegan” recipes are compatible with Eastern Orthodox fasting guidelines. (“Vegan” stands for “vegetarian without any animal products.”) An exception to this is the use of vegetable oils, including olive oil, in the preparation of recipes. Some Orthodox jurisdictions stress elimination of cooking oils of all kinds, except on certain prescribed days, during Great Lent. Orthodox Christians should check each recipe’s list of ingredients before preparing. 

Remember, just because shellfish are not “covered” in the fasting guidelines doesn’t mean you can pig-out on jumbo Gulf shrimp, Alaskan king crab legs, or Maine lobster during fasts!!!

. The Grecian Plate - Greek receipes by St. Barbara’s Greek Orthodox Church, Durham, NC.

What I'm Cooking Now - An Orthodox Christian Foodie's Musings and Culinary Diary. Healthy vegan delights bound to please.

Ethiopian Vegetarian Recipes - From the web site of a young teenage in Newfoundland, Canada.

Tasty Vegetarian Recipes from Egypt - By Marie Henein, a Coptic Christian and founder of the Vegetarian Resource Group. The Coptic church teaches partial fasting for some 200 days a year during which fish may be eaten but no meat. 

Lenten Recipes - From the Orthodox Christian Information Center.

In a Vegetarian Kitchen - by Nava Atlas.

The Recipe Directory - This may well be the Vegetarian Mother Lode on the web. If you cannot find something for Great Lent here, something’s wrong!!!

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church Recipes - These are some recipes provided by members of the parish which is in McKinney, TX. They include many that are good to use on fasting days.

Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes - From the Vegetarian Resource Group.

Recipes from the Vegging Out Kitchen - By Lisa Rivero.

Small Household Vegetarian Recipes - ...or, How to Feed Two Vegetarians for a Week.

Vegetarian Society - Recipes by courses, season and celebration, and from around the world; recipes for children, teenagers and families, celebrities and beginners; celebrity recipes, the late Linda McCartney’s favorites, bean recipes, tofu, bread, soups and sandwiches, etc.

Vegetarian Crock Pot Recipes - A collection from Elisabeth Freeman at Yale University.

The Vegetarian Society of South Jersey - The society, based in Marlton, NJ, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public about vegetarianism.

The Vegan Kitchen - A wonderful collection of recipes can be found on this web site in the United Kingdom. You can sign up for an email notice when the site is updated with new recipes.

Vegetarian Pages - Intended as the definitive guide to Vegetarian information available on the Internet.



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From a Lenten Siberian Cookbook - This is from the Introduction to Lenten Cuisine, a Russian cookbook compiled by N.G. Gorelova, M.V. Prokhorova, L.M. Khaslavskaya, Novosibirsk, 1993.



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