The icon of the New martyrs and Confessors of Russia venerated on August 20, 2000, in the Cathedral Church of Christ the Saviour in Moscow.
Icons and Iconography

We decree with full precision and care that, like the figure of the honored and life-giving cross, the revered and holy images, whether painted or made of mosaic or of other suitable material, are to be exposed in the holy churches of God, on sacred instruments and vestments, on walls and panels, in houses and by public ways; these are the images of our Lord, God and Savior, Jesus Christ, and of Our Lady without blemish, the holy God-bearer, and of the revered angels, and of any of the saintly holy men. 

Second Council of Nicaea (Seventh Ecumenical Council) - 787 A.D.

Articles Defending Icons

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Icon Galleries and Sources

Icon of Christ by Valentino

Descent of the Holy Spirit by Claire Brandenburg
. The Acme Plaque Company - A division of a manufacturer of wall plaques for various industries dedicated to the art of divine inspiration. 

The Annunciation Press - Byzantine iconography, greeting cards, Christmas gifts, Year 2000 Orthodox Calendars, icon coloring books, baptism towels and bibs, plus much more. Secure on-line ordering. 

Andrey Rublev Museum - The museum, located in Russia, has a collection of 14th - 19th century icons of the Moscow, Tver and Northern schools, fragments of monumental painting, early Russian wooden sculptures and facsimile copies of frescoes. 

Andre Ruzhnikov Russian Arts - A large selection of Russian icons ranging from the 15th century through the early 20th covering a multitude of subjects, schools and sizes. Also featured are icons encased in ornate silver oklads with enamel, filigree, pearls and gems. 

Annunciation Press Icons - Norwood, MA. 

Art By Vivian Karayiannis - A nice selection of contemporary art and Byzantine icons written in the traditional Orthodox manner. A native of Greece and now a resident of Houston, TX, Vivian learned iconography working with Greek iconographers. 

Byzantine Architecture and Ikonography - At Dakota State University, Madison, SD. 

Byzantine Religious Iconography and Icon Art 

Byzantine Sacred Art - Svetlana is a beautiful artist living in Canada. She notes, "Beside a formal education received at Belgrade University, in Serbia, I have studied iconography under the guidance of a Russian master, Vladimir Blagonadjezdin. During the course of years, I have developed a personal style in icon painting, mostly influenced by the earlier Greek and Serbian iconography in general, and Serbian frescoes in particular." Her wonderful site is definitely worth a visit.

Byzantine Iconography by Linda Haddad - Hand-painted iconography by a student of iconographers Louri Sidorenka and Phillip Zimmerman. 

Byzantine Icons - A gallery and workshop of icons, hand written in Byzantine style using egg tempera on wood.  

Cal-Hellas: Your Source for Icons - Cupertino, CA. Incense and icons available for online ordering. 

Christian Sanctuary Gallery - By Paul Boyce, a member of Saint Paul's Greek Orthodox Church in Irvine, CA.

Christian Handwritten Icons

Come and See - Icons, books and art. This site is an enterprise to make available beautiful mounted icon prints, quality Orthodox books, and art prints at affordable prices, to help further the ministry of The Church.

Gallery of Byzantine Images - For a lover of icons, this is a "must see" site. The links to icons and other icon web sites is exhaustive. 

Gallery of Eastern Orthodox Icons - Created by Lyubomil Draganov. 

Heavenly Visions Byzantine Icon Studio - The studio of John Snogren. "Come and celebrate the beauty and power of the Byzantine Icon!"

Holy Ladder - This web site, a mission of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco Orthodox Church, Medina, OH, is a beautiful, quality web site that makes available Byzantine icons imported from Greece.

Irina & Sons - Gallery dealing in icons; order online. 

Icons by Father Jim - Obermeyer Art Enterprises, traditional Byzantine Orthodox icons by The Rev. Fr. James Obermeyer, Santa Clarita, CA. - A house is not a home without an icon. Handcrafted icons imported from Bulgaria. 

Icons and Iconography - With Russian Master Vladimir Blagonadezhdin. Vladimir says the web site is " opportunity to pause before the world of spiritual reality, to slow down your race and have a look through an icon, as if through a window, at this world which lies hidden in the innermost heart of everyone of us."

Icons From Agion Oros - From the Introduction to Mt. Athos web site. 

Icons From Poland - Site in English and Polish. 

Icons Handpainted by Vladimir Baranov - He has been painting icons in Russia since 1989. All of his icons are written in the egg tempera technique, using aged hardwood boards, usually with one or more braces and egg yolk emulsion coating.  

Icons of the Saris Museum - Bardejov, Slovakia 

Icons of St. Gregory Palamas Monastery 

Iconography - Catalog of publications about iconography. - Comprehensive information about iconography. This is the most comprehensive collection of information about the Orthodox Christian liturgical art called Iconography on the internet. On our site you will find all kinds of information about the history, theology, spirituality and craft of iconography. You will also find many, many icons, icon patterns, descriptions of icons, and books about icons.  

Icons of the Monastery of Stavronikita - The icons of Stavronikita, many of which were painted by  iconographer Theophanes the Cretan. Each icon is accompanied by an historical narrative.  

The Iconography Page - What are icons and how they are written. 

Ikondul - Chittaway Bay, New South Wales, Australia. Michael Gallovic is a graduate of the Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Academy of Arts, and is described as a careful student of tradition while exhibiting the capacity for artistic innovation and excellence.

Ikons: Windows into Heaven - The ikon art of Bob Atchison. Includes the history and meaning of icons. 

Image and Likeness Iconography - A Byzantine iconography website in the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church through the hand of Wayne Anthony Salzman, instructor at Rose Hill College. 

Irina & Sons Bulgarian, Byzantine & Russian Icons - Order icons online. 

Izograph Co. - By Xenia M. Pokrovsky of Sharon, MA, iconographer, restorer and "icon expert." Pokrovsky painted the iconostasis at the Church of the Annunciation, OCA, in Bricktown, NJ. See the results. 

The Light of Christ - Gregory Kroug's icons. Publication of The Light of Christ is a project of the Diocese of New England, Orthodox Church in America. 

New Ikon - Orthodox ikonography by the hand of Elia Damianakis. 

Novgorod Icon Gallery - Novgorodian icons have long been the objects of admiration. Icon painting, this unique and stupendous phenomenon of the medieval Russian culture, was discovered anew in the past century. 

Orthodox Byzantine Icons - From St. Isaac of Syria Skete. 

Orthodox Icons - From the Orthodox Christian Foundation web site. Icon archive. 

Orthodox Icons Gallery - Bulgarian icons by Lyubomil Draganov. 

Orthodox Icons Today - Iconography by Fedor Streltsov. Icons painted in old traditional tehchniques: egg tempera and encaustic. 

Pskov Historical and Art Museum - An historical collection of 14th to 16th century Russian icons. 

Rafaela Art Gallery - The Gallery offers a large variety of copies of Bulgarian Orthodox and foreign icons, copies of churches' and monasteries' frescos, original woodcarving and hammered copper sheets, made by Nikolay Kolev and other artists. 

Russian Icons Index - A collection of Russian icons dating from the 12th century through the 18th century. 

Religious Icons From Greece - Each icon is made with pure silver and 24k gold, the work of expert silversmiths and hagiographers, crafted in Greece. All hagiographies are printed on fine canvas with genuine hagiographic colors. The silver has been treated to prevent tarnishing and the colors will remain true over time. Most themes are available in a variety of sizes ranging from life-sized figures to small icons 

Religious Icons on the World Wide Web - A must site for lovers of iconography. The quality and quantity of the  links are mind boggling! 

Russian Art and Architecture - Official site of the Russian National Tourist Office. 

St. Gregory of Sinai Monastery Icons - Richmond, CA. Pascha, Christmas and blank note cards featuring works written in the monastery by Father Patrick, the monastery's ikonographer. 

The Silver Icon - On-line catalog of religious icons imported directly from family workshops in Poland.  

Tom Tsagalakis, Iconographer 

Traditional Byzantine Iconography - Paul Azkoul is an enterprising iconographer in the traditional style who lives in St. Louis, MO. He is a communicant of St. Catherine of Sinai Greek Orthodox Mission. 

Traditional Byzantine Religious Art - Hand-painted by Matthew D. Garrett. 

Tregubov Studios - Icons by the Very Rev. Andrew Tregubov and Matushka Carlina. For some 20 years they have been making icons and frescos, embroideries and mosaics for churches and individuals in the United States and abroad. 

Trophy Bearers - From All Saints Greek Orthodox Church, Canonsburg, PA. This is a home based family business which was established to spread the beauty of the Holy Orthodox faith. Trophy Bearers, dedicated to St. George, makes and distributes Byzantine icon buttons and custom made laminated Byzantine icon cards. 

Understanding Russian Icons - By Lazar Brkich. This article is reprinted without illustrations from LORE magazine, a benefit of museum membership. © 1996 Milwaukee Public Museum, Inc. 

Valentino's Icon Studio -  Valentino, a Ukrainian with a master's degree from the State Institute of Decorative Arts in Lviv, specializes in iconography, murals, mosaics, stained glass, manuscript and book illumination, gold leafing, wood carving, and restorations.

in Defense 
of Icons 
  Is Venerating Icons Idolatry? - By Timothy Copple. 

The Iconic and Symbolic in Orthodox Iconography: An Introduction - By Bishop Auxentios of Photiki. 

A Discourse in Iconography - By Saint John of San Francisco. The alarming emergence of certain "Orthodox" icons from within various convert groups—ones painted with a rather Rockwellian "pastel cuteness" and sensuality that trivializes the faith, or that introduce theological aberrations—has necessitated the appearance of this fine essay. However, an inquirer into Orthodoxy will also find many helpful insights into how we view icons. 

In Defense of Icons - The classic work by St. John of Damascus (730 AD). 

Documents of the Seventh Ecumenical Synod in Nicea (787 A.D.) - This synod was the climax of all the centuries of Christological disputes. By this synod the meaning of the Incarnation of Christ was given full expression, for she worked out the theological basis for the veneration of icons from the dogma of the Person of Christ. The presuppositions of the iconoclasts were Monophysite, and the defenders of Orthodoxy, chiefly St. John of Damascus and St. Theodore of Studios, answered the heretics with Christological arguments. Do  Protestant readers understand this interrelation between the Incarnation and icons? 

Windows Into Heaven - By Iconographer Tom Tsagalakis. Icons are reminders of the spiritual world. They are windows into eternity; a holy space depicting sacred reality in the course of humanity.” 

The Icon FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Icons - By Father John Whiteford, St. Jonah of Manchuria Orthodox Mission (ROCOR), Conroe, TX. 

The Value of Icons in the Christian Life



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