Religious Groups That Use 
'Orthodox' in Their Names

But Are Not Canonical

Eastern Orthodox Churches


This is an excellent definition of "canonical" from the web site of a canonical Eastern Orthodox parish church: "Christ the Saviour Church is a member of the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese, a canonical, autonomous jurisdiction of the Eastern Orthodox Church, headquartered in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and under the protection of His All-Holiness, BARTHOLOMEW I, pictured here. As 'the Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome, and Ecumenical Patriarch,' every canonical local or worldwide Orthodox Church is in full communion with the Ecumenical Patriarch." — Christ the Saviour American Orthodox Church, North Royalton, OH. (


If you are in doubt...

...about the purported canonicity of a particular jurisdiction, check this World Orthodox page maintained by the Orthodox Church in America. If the jurisdiction is not listed there, it most likely is not in communion with the worldwide autonomous and autocephalous canonical Orthodox churches.

18. Guard thyself then, O man; thou hast the signs of Antichrist; and remember them not only thyself, but impart them also freely to all. If thou hast a child according to the flesh, admonish him of this now; if thou hast begotten one through catechizing, put him also on his guard, lest he receive the false one as the True. For the mystery of iniquity doth already work. I fear these wars of the nations; I fear the schisms of the Churches; I fear the mutual hatred of the brethren. But enough on this subject; only God forbid that it should be fulfilled in our days; nevertheless, let us be on our guard. And thus much concerning Antichrist. — St. Cyril of Jerusalem, Catechetical Lecture XV

Note: This list is necessarily incomplete to avoid legal difficulties and harassment by a so-called Orthodox sect in Mt. View, Arkansas, U.S.A., harassment that one would not find in the canonical, True Church.

Read about an important and precedent-setting lawsuit. A federal court has ruled, in effect, that anyone can legally link to any other web site on the World Wide Web regardless of Trademarks, Copyrights, and Service Marks. Read about the LOSERS in this case: An Orthodox-type "church" from Mountain View, Arkansas, U.S.A. (Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America, Inc.).

Added Note: Many of the so-called "Orthodox" groups listed below have apparently dumped their web sites. The link may be gone, but the sect or cult survives, and if the sect pops up somewhere else on the web, they will eventually be found.

Sects Ordaining Women - No comment is necessary. You know enough already. Case closed!

The Apostolic Catholic Orthodox Church - Houston, TX. Leader: The Most Rev. Diana C. Dale. No other information is available on the group's home page.

Old Catholic Orthodox Church, Montabello, CA (and other locations). There is no information on what this group believes.

Orthodox Catholic Church of America - Angola, IN. This group's web site says: "OCCA welcomes women into Holy Orders because we are convinced that 'in Christ there is neither male nor female,' convinced that if one is called to baptism, one can also be called to nurture that baptism. We are also convinced that when consensus occurs in the Church, it most often happens after a long period during which some churches are more willing than others to take risks, to go where we had not gone before because we are urged to do so in faith, hope and love." This sect has a large network of dioceses, parishes, and outreach ministries. (This group may be related to another "church" of the same name in Indianapolis, IN, and Portales, NM.)

Evangelical Orthodox Catholic Church in America - San Jose, CA. This sect professes the Holy Orthodox Faith, and seminary training is through a correspondence course. Its web site has been withdrawn.

"Churches" and Groups That Target Gays 

St. Elijah's Orthodox Church - Encino, CA. This is apparently a gay cult. Its home page states: "A traditional Ukrainian Orthodox Church dedicated to the Salvation of all who enter our life without discrimination regarding sexual orientation, gender, race or national origin."
The Western Rite Orthodox Catholic Church - Nashua, NH. This statement tells it all: "'Traditional' in our Old Catholic Faith and Sacramental Life, yet... 'Progressive' where it matters the most, in pastoral ministry and outreach. All are welcome in the WROCC without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, financial or social standing." (Remember, same sex activity is condemned as a sin by Christ's Holy Body, the Orthodox Church.)
AXIOS - Eastern and Orthodox Gay and Lesbian Christians - Somewhere in the United Kingdom. (This link is dead. The organization in the UK may have been disbanded.)
Byzantine-American™ Orthodox Church of Central Arizona - Phoenix, AZ. This group's web site states: "We reach out to the disenfranchised, the ones that other churches look at and disregard. Gays, lesbians, transgendered people are a primary focus, but we minister to anyone that other churches have cast out, be they black, white, red, yellow, purple with green polka-dots, disabled, differently-abled, whatever and whoever wants to have a church home with us, and wants to praise Jesus. In other words, God's Lost Coins."
AXIOS! AXIOS! AXIOS! - This organization is associated with the religious group immediately above. The web page states: "Yes, Jesus is worthy of all praise! Welcome to the website of the Phoenix [Arizona] Chapter of Axios, an organization for Orthodox and Eastern Christian Gays, Lesbians, and Transgendered People. Who are we? Axios is an international lay organization. The national president is Nick Zymaris. The Phoenix Chapter is provisional at the moment, and is facilitated by Bp. +BASIL (Isaacks) and Archimandrite Brendan-Benedict."

Orthodox Catholic Church in America - Little is known about this gay jurisdiction, including where it is headquartered. It does offer all Holy Sacraments and ordains gays to be priests and priestesses. Parishes claiming to be part of this group include:

  • St. Luke The Physician Church - Gulfport, FL (Rt. Rev. Donald J. Herbert)

St. Aelred’s Orthodox Parish - Lacey, WA. (Rev. Robert L. Withrow) No known web site. This abomination's primary apostolate is to the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and trans-gendered community, and offers the Sacrament of Matrimony to same-sex couples. They are an open parish that meets in Tacoma.
Fullness of Life Community Church, St. Oscar Romero Orthodox Ministries
Garland-Sachse, TX. (This is the parish church of the web-famous Rev. Tony Begonja and wife, the Rev. Fran Begonja. Tony's web site is either enlightening or depressing, depending on which side of the bed you got out on. See: Tony claims that his ministry is "Progressive · Inclusive · Eucharistic · Sacramental · Pastoral · Scriptural · Spirit-Filled · Independent Catholic · Alternative Catholic · Autocephalous Orthodox" all at the same time.
Pride Church International: An Orthodox Catholic Community - Somewhere in Florida or North Carolina. This homosexual cult's home page contains the "Rainbow Award" emblem purportedly given by a group calling itself Gay America. The webmaster claims to be a member of the "International Guild of Gay Webmasters. This faction uses something called the Divine liturgy of Bishop Serapion which, it claims, is a fourth century Egyptian work.The cults main "clergyman," Vladimir Sergius II," is also known as Floyd Wilson Sehorn, and he claims to be the former first hierarch (no reason given for his deposition) of the American Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church of North Carolina. Mr. Wilson, aka Sergius II, claims to have been consecrated by the Orthodox Church of Christ of New York, Mid-Atlantic Diocese. See entry for The Orthodox Christian Fellowship of Mercy.

The Ukrainian Debacle - They boldly go where no Ukrainian has gone before.

Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, Holy Synod of the West, Eastern Orthodox Diocese of Berkeley - The web site's home page declares: “We wish to pursue the heavenly, the classical and the beautiful in our service of God and we eschew modern materialism, rationalism and all the ugly and trite that mark modern Protestantism and Catholicism and most of ‘establishment Orthodoxy’.” Web site quote  from Archbishop Gregory: "I am not interested in Constantinople. The Ecumenical Patriarchate sold us out to the Russians. I love Kiev."

Ukrainian Orthodox Church in America (formerly known as the Autonomous Ukrainian Orthodox Church in America - We have one thing to say: Check out their Archdiocese of Canada web page. Note that the metropolitan pictured seems to be a kid WITH NO BEARD!!! This is all you need to know. Find a canonical Orthodox Church pronto.

Metropolia of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church In the United States of America - New York City and Cleveland, OH. An interesting feature of churches of  questionable  canonical status is that their web sites go to great lengths to prove they have a legal pedigree and registered Apostolic bloodlines. Links on this denomination's web site try to convince the unwary that their pedigree is proper. This group claims to be in "spiritual communion" (not actual, just spiritual) with the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church-Kyiv Patriarchate. This sect also masquerades as the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church "SOBORNOPRAVNA".

Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, The Eparchy of Houston and All Texas - Headquartered at the Monastery of the Four Evangelists, Houston, TX. A notation on the home page lists the hours the monastery is open except for Monday when it is closed. Do all of the monks go home on Monday?

Patriarcat de Kiev en France - Noncanonical Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Ukraine - In French.

Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church -Kyiv (Kiev) Patriarchate - Also known as the Orthodox Church of Canada. Despite claims on this church's home page, there is no Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church-Kyiv Patriarchate within the canonical Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church headquartered in Ukraine and under the Patriarch of the canonical Church of Russia.

The Orthodox Church of Canada - Ukrainian Autocephalous Mission Archeparchy- Exarchate of Canada for the American Patriarchate - Terra Cotta, Ontario, Canada. The home page states: "The Orthodox Church of Canada is a daughter church of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church." The web site does not state why this sect is in schism and whether or not it is in communion with its "mother" church. It does not appear to be in communion with the 15 autocephalous and 4 autonomous churches that comprise canonical Orthodoxy. The sect may be related to the group directly above.

St. Paul's Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Ketchikan, AK. The home page says: "Don't let the flames of hell catch you. Congratulations you've found the TRUE CHURCH founded by JESUS CHRIST. Unlike many other churches, we are NOT AFRAID to live the TRUTH. We follow the sacred canons of the seven ecumenical councils and have apostolic succession that goes back to hands of JESUS CHRIST. Our first Bishop was St. Peter. He later moved to Rome. We are the Church that CANONIZED THE HOLY BIBLE. Our services still follow the historical Holy Traditions and have not changed for more than 1,000 years. If you're serious about discovering the True Faith in its fullness then E-mail us for more information. We are offering FREE training for people interested in Orthodoxy and/or the priesthood."

Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church of North and South America - Hyder, AK. The church's web page sums it up: "...the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church of North and South America ... is under the spiritual guidance of Archbishop +GREGORY. Our Primate is His Beatitude, Metropolitan +STEPHAN of Cleveland. We are in communion with Churches throughout the United States and Canada. We, however, are not in communion with all jurisdictions. Our apostolic succession comes from several lines dating back to Jesus Christ. Our lines include Ukrainian, Greek, Russian and others."

The Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church of North and South America - "The Ukrainian Orthodox Autocephalous Orthodox Church of North and South America is dedicated to protecting and preserving the True Church started by Jesus Christ. We are Orthodox and Catholic and Apostolic. We follow the canons of the seven ecumenical councils and the Nicene Creed. We are currently seeking priests for the United States and Canada and offer a FREE training program." The home page has cute, nonreligious animated picture files. Cutest is the dashing leopard. This church may be related to the one immediately above.

Holy Orthodox Catholic Patriarchate of America - Ukrainian Orthodox Archdiocese, New Albany, OH. According to the church's home page: "We are an Eastern Orthodox jurisdiction established in the United States since 1921 and formally incorporated at New York City in 1951. Our founding bishops were ordained and consecrated at the hands of Archbishop ATHENAGORAS (Spyrou) of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, who later became the Ecumenical Patriarch, and Archbishop CHRISTOPHER (Contogeorge), Exarch of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria."

Ukrainian Autocephalous National Orthodox Church - Smock, PA. It's web site proclaims (the important stuff is in the last sentence): "The Ukrainian Autocephalous National Orthodox Church of America and Europe-Blessings of Kiev-proclaimed self-governing in 1921 by His Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch +MELETIOS (Metaxakis). Many of the Ukrainian people suffered great hardship and persecution in their homeland and several sought refuge in America. This jurisdiction was organized and came about to meet the spiritual needs of these Ukrainian immigrants here in America. Those bishops serving this jurisdiction were Archbishop +PALLADIOS (Rudenko) of Thrice Blessed Memory who was a member of SCOBA in the 1960's and Metropolitan NIKOLAUS (Ilnyckyj) of Thrice Blessed Memory who reposed to his rest in Our Lord on August 31,1998. Metropolitan +NIKOLAUS was succeeded by Metropolitan Archbishop +PAUL (Seese) assistant to Metropolitan +Nikolaus, after being elected and installed and enthroned by the HOLY SYNOD OF BISHOP'S who currently serves our autocephalous jurisdiction in Christ"s vineyard in the ARCHDIOCESE OF SAINT MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL AND DEPENDENCIES. Our Spiritual Father is and "We pray for His Holiness +BARTHOLEMEOS, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople. We claim no affiliation with a Ukrainian jurisdiction located in West Palm Beach, Florida." (See next "church.") Another site.

Holy Ukrainian Autocephalic Orthodox Church in Exile - West Palm Beach, FL, AKA Greek Pan Orthodox Archdiocese Church. This group's explanation for its existence is complicated and must be read for one's self. Several times on different web site pages this sect claims to be a founding member in 1960 of the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in America (SCOBA), and is somehow in communion with SCOBA and, through clever use of words, with the Ecumenical Patriarchate (Church of Constantinople). This group is NOT in communion with SCOBA nor with the EP. The site also contains a strange mixture of Roman Catholic, and Protestant material.

Ukrainian Orthodox Benedictine Province of Mary Queen of Heaven - East Chicago, IN. This group claims to be part of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, but celebrates "masses" and schedules Rosaries. Odd mix of lituirgical stuff. They claim that "Our Liturgy remains unchanged from the seventh century. It is the Divine Liturgy of St. Hippolytus (adapted from the Liturgy in the early church)."

Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Western Rite Metropolia, Confederation of American Orthodox Benedictine - Located somewhere in the 409 Area Code, this group, apparently run by someone purported to be a Bishop Joseph-Ely, O.S.B., Provincial Abbot of the Order of St. Benedict/American Orthodox Province of the Holy Face of Jesus, and by a group called the Orthodox Order of Friars Minor. Much of the material on the web site is VERY Roman Catholic in tone and intent. Much space is devoted on the web site debunking all other Orthodox jurisdictions. This group, like the other Ukrainian groups listed here, is not in communion with the canonical Holy Orthodox Church of Jesus Christ. This sect also uses the Liturgy of St. Hippolytus which is not authorized for use in canonical Orthodoxy. Most unusual for True Orthodoxy is a Statement of Faith such as this group's. Click here.  ~  Another web site - This one states that the jurisdiction is "A hosting site for religious institutions and ministries of the Orthodox & Catholic faith in resistance in North America."

The Orthodox Province of St. Francis of Assisi of the American Orthodox Church, in Communion with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Western Rite Metropolia - Irvine, Alberta, Canada. Services are termed "masses," which is not exactly Orthodox!

St. Michael Academy of Eschatology Greek Pan Orthodox Archdiocese Church, HOLY UKRAINIAN AUTOCEPHALIC ORTHODOX CHURCH IN EXILE, 1960 Founding Member-Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in America (SCOBA) - West Palm Beach, FL. There's a seal on the home page with the legend: "The Patriarchato Labydonos, New Jerusalem Independent." The group also has links to Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic stuff. One page on the web site asserts: "Our jurisdiction incorporates peoples of Slavic backgrounds as well as converts. Our main focus is Christ and His Holy Orthodox Faith. We acknowledge the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the person of His All Holiness, Ecumenical Patriarch BARTHOLOMAIOS. The Great Church of Christ, Constantinople is indeed the loving Mother Church of all Ukrainians."

United Orthodox Church in America (Ukrainian) - Antioch, TN. The web site says: "The United Orthodox Church in America is a branch of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, (Ohijchuk succession). We embrace Holy Scriptures, Holy Tradition, the ancient Creeds, and the Ecumenical Councils. We are a Sacramental Church in which the Divine Liturgy is the chief Sacrament. We believe that our blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is the Head of the Church. Our mission is to provide an Orthodox frame for Christianity in an American ethos for the people in North America. We use both the Ukrainian and English language in Liturgy (depending on the make-up of the parish). We welcome inquiries. Please address them to any of the staff's email address above."

For HOOM the Church Bell Tolls (Important Note: Most HOOMies have been assimilated into the canonical Orthodox Church in America, although some vestiges of the semi-occult group remain.)

Holy Order of MANS (HOOM)- Monastic New Age group which practiced esoteric, mystical religion blending biblical themes with reincarnation and other concepts from Eastern religions and the occult. Blighton, an ex-engineer who was once fined for practicing medicine without a license, began the order in 1968. “MANS” was an acronym for a phrase revealed only to initiates. After advancing through the order, men reached the status of Brown Brother of the Holy Light while women may become an Immaculate Sister of Mary for Missionary Training. After the death of Blighton, the group underwent radical changes. The majority of followers converted to Eastern Orthodoxy and the order eventually was transformed into Christ the Savior Brotherhood. Several competing groups later formed claiming to preserve the Blighton’s original purpose and message. They include The Gnostic Order of Christ, Science of Man, and The American Temple. Also affiliated is a sect called the Foundation of Christ Church.

The Holy Orthodox Church of North America (HOCNA) - Toronto, Ontario, Canada. HOCNA parishes. All you need to know about this group can be found at  Disturbing information about HOCNA from Pokrov.Org (if necessary, when asked for your user name and password, click the Cancel button twice).

Russian Orthodox Church in Exile - Masonville, Ontario, Canada. This jurisdiction was formed in late 2001 by Metropolitan Vitaly soon after he was retired as first hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR). Metropolitan Vitaly's action is most likely a protest over the thaw in relations between ROCOR and the Moscow Patriarchate. Metropolitan Vitaly is vehemently against ROCOR's rapprochement with Moscow.

The Family That Prays Together Runs Churches Together...

The following denominations in and around the Flint, Michigan, area, have the same clergymen and deaconesses (we have corrected all spelling errors):

Saints David & Kenneth of Wales Orthodox Catholic Western Rites Vicariate-Celtic Rite - Flint Twp., MI. This seems to be an all-encompassing church. the web site notes: "Saints David & Kenneth of Wales Orthodox Catholic Mission is a ministry attached to the Celtic Rite of the Western Rites Vicariate of the Orthodox Catholic Church of America. Saints David & Kenneth of Wales is rather moderate, believing in the Apostolic Orthodox Catholic faith, as handed down from Jesus, through the Apostles, but believes that God is the Father of all mankind (regardless of church affiliation, or previous background). We hope to bring the joy of Christ and His love to all. Our church motto is: Rejoice and be glad-for this is the day the Lord had made."

Saint Columba Orthodox Catholic Mission (OCCA) Western Rites Vicariate-Celtic Rite - Flint Twp., MI. This sect has the same address and clergymen as the group directly above. The web page says: "We hold, as essential to Orthodox Catholic Tradition, belief in the tenets of the faith as expressed in the Nicene and Apostles Creeds, the teachings of the Ecumenical Councils of the Undivided Church, the efficacy of the Seven Sacraments of the Church, the sufficiency of Sacred Scripture interpreted by tradition, scholarship and reason, and in the principal of Apostolic Succession as the means of transmuting the historic ministries of deacon, priest (presbyter) and bishop. We hold to the ancient principal of the collegiality of bishops and recognize the special position of the Bishop of Rome as "first among equals" with all other bishops, holding primacy of honor, but not primacy of jurisdiction over the entire Church."

Saint Columba of Iona Orthodox Institute (OCCA) - This "seminary" has the same address as the two groups immediately above, and offers courses three days each week. Enrollees are encouraged to work at their own pace.

Orthodox Catholic Church of America-US Chancery (Eastern & Western Rites) - Burton, MI. This outfit shares some of the same clergy as the three groups above. The web site says: "Since the Orthodox Catholic Church of America is both Eastern & Western we do maintain a Western Rites Vicariate under the name of the Orthodox Catholic Church of America (Western Rites Vicariate-Celtic, Sarum, Old Roman, and Galician Rites). The Western Rites Vicariate is led by Msgr. Brendan-Michael Hamacher OSB,OAG.

Orthodox Catholic Church of America - US Chancery, Eastern Rite Vicariate - Lincoln, MI. Affiliated in some way with all of the above.

Ordo Arcanorum Gradalis (OCCA-Western Rites-Celtic, Sarum, and Gallican Rites) - Flint, MI. The names of the clergymen for this group also appear on most of the others here. It's a family church: Father/ Superior General Brendan-Michael Hamacher OSB, OAG; Deaconess/Staff Associate Brigit (Allison) Hamacher OAG; Deaconess/Staff Associate Anna (Kendall) Hamacher OAG; Deaconess/Associate Staff Gwendolyn Hamacher OAG; Father/Staff Associate Eugene (Ross) Hamacher OAG."

Old Roman Orthodox Catholic Church (OCCA) Western Rites Vicariate-Old Roman Rite - Flint, MI. No other info available.

Holy Grail Orthodox Catholic Priory (OCCA), Mother House/ Ordo Arcanorum Gradalis - Flint Twp., MI. If you've visited the sites above, you'll find some familiar names among the clergy.

Holy ArchAngles Orthodox Catholic Mission (OCCA), Western Rites Vicariate-Celtic Rite - Flint Twp., MI. This group says: "We are attached to the Celtic Orthodox Catholic Church, the Celtic Rite diocese of the Western Rites Vicariate of the Orthodox Catholic Church of America (Eastern & Western). Holy ArchAngles provides regular and emergency service for Hurley Medical Center. Our mission is to heal "Mind, Body, and Spirit". The mission assist in providing worship, the Sacraments, prayer, spiritual counseling, material assistance, housing, education, substance abuse rehab., referrals, fellowship, etc. Our worship and prayer is conducted at those sites in the field where our ministry takes us. We utilize institutional chapels, domestic altars, etc."

Gallican Orthodox Catholic Church-US Chancery (OC), Western Rites Vicariate-Gallican Rite - Flint, MI. Same clergymen, different church. "The Galician Orthodox Catholic Church is the Galician Rite diocese of the Western Rites Vicariate of the Orthodox Catholic Church of America (Eastern & Western). We are led by His Eminence We currently have three missions in the province but are growing fast. We use the Galician Missal and the Liturgy of Saint Germain of Paris in the province."

Celtic Orthodox Catholic Church -US Chancery (OCCA), Western Rites Vicariate-Celtic Rite - Flint, MI. "The Celtic Orthodox Catholic Church is the Celtic Rite province of the Western Rites Vicariate of the Orthodox Catholic Church of America (Eastern & Western). We are led by His Grace Msgr. Brendan-Michael, Bishop-Elect, who is also the Apostolic Vicar for the Western Rites Vicariate. We currently have three missions within the COCC but we are growing fast. We use the Stowe Missal and Liturgy in the province."

Anglo-Orthodox Catholic Church (OCCA), Western Rites Vicariate-US Chancery - Burton, MI. And finally: "The Anglo Orthodox Catholic Church is the Anglo (Sarum) Rite province of the Western Rites Vicariate of the Orthodox Catholic Church of America (Eastern & Western). We are led by Father Eugene (Ross) Hamacher. We currently have one mission within the AOCC. We use the Old Sarum Missal and Liturgy in the province."

~ End of "Family that Runs Churches Together" ~

Other Groups...

Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church in America - Buena Vista, CO. Their history of their existence is a sight for sore eyes to read. Click here for The History of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church. According to sources, this is a schismatic group which, under the leadership of convicted child-molester Valentin Rusantsov (Met. Valentin of Suzdal), left the ROCOR on the pretext that the ROCOR was "ecumenist." Their exarch here is a fanatic named Gregory George (Bishop Gregory of Colorado). He was an Antiochian. He decided the Antiochians were ecumenists, so he went to ROCOR. He decided the ROCOR was populated with ecumenists, so he went to the Old Calendarists under Chrysostomos II. He decided the Old Calendarists were ecumenists, so he went to another Old Calendarist sect under Kallinikos. Kallinikos decided they wouldn't make George a Bishop, so he went to ROAC, and got made a Bishop. (If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!) This so-called autonomous "church" is more fanatical than the Matthewites. And they are also associated with the old Name-Worshipping heresy. See also: Challenging: The Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church in America.

True Orthodox Church of Greece - Location undisclosed (although the web address is Russian). The synodal statement says in part: "Our synod maintains the ancient Orthodox Christian Faith, and is not in communion with the State Church of Greece or any of the other jurisdictions of "World Orthodoxy" which have given themselves over to the heresies of Ecumenism and Sergianism. We follow the traditional Church Calendar, rather than the Gregorian Calendar, and for that reason are commonly called Old Calendarists." This separatist group claims to be in communion with the True Orthodox Church of Cyprus and the True Orthodox Church of Romania (no known web sites).

The United American Orthodox Church - Location a secret. On the "Meet the Bishop" page you will be introduced to Bishop David, the head of the United American Orthodox Church. Bishop David was born in Lansing, Michigan, and grew up in a neighborhood where the closest thing to "ethnic background" was related to whether your people came from Kentucky, or Tennessee. His family came from Kentucky. Needless to say, he was not exposed to Orthodoxy at a young age. He did, however, grow up in a Baptist family where prayer was an essential part of life.

Orthodox Church of the West - Location a secret. "The Orthodox Church of the West (USA) is an autonomous local diocese of the Orthodox Church. The diocese was founded several years ago with the agreement and blessing of the ruling bishop of the Orthodox Church of France (ECOF)."

American Federation of Orthodox Benedictines - Toledo, OH and Seaside, CA. Statement from home page (punctuation somewhat corrected): "I am His Grace, the Most Reverend Bishop, John Sebastian Lula, OSB...I am a Benedictine Monk/Abbot and Bishop in the American Federation of Orthodox Benedictines, which has Houses in the USA (California, Michigan, Florida, Ohio and Indiana) Argentina, France, Belgium Spain and Mexico and Canada, also Rome and Brazil name a few.... We the Orthodox Benedictine Fathers are a part of the Jurisdiction of the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church...The one and only, True Church of Jesus Christ...We are NOT a part of the Roman Catholic Church nor are we a part of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Union with Rome...We are a Jurisdiction in the Ukrainian Orthodox Catholic Church-Western Rite. Our Liturgy is the of the Orthodox Benedictine Liturgy of St. Gregory the Great (Latin Text) & the Orthodox Liturgy of St. Hippolytus (1st Century Jerusalem)."

Orthodox Catholic Church of America - Cedar Crest, NM. "The clergy of the Orthodox Catholic Church of America (OCCA) are a diverse group of men and women who have responded to a calling into sacramental ministry in a myriad of settings which include parishes, hospitals, nursing homes, jails and prisons, spirituality centers, monasteries, social centers, home chapels, etc. Our common task is to live within the Great Orthodox Tradition in an American way, praying for one another and ministering the Holy Mysteries to people who find themselves hungry for God and have yet to be welcomed at the Holy Table. We count the beginning of our autocephalous church to be January 1, 1910." -- From the Sanctoral Cycle of The Orthodox Catholic Church of America.

The African Christian Orthodox Church - West Monroe, LA. Web site statement: "The mission the African Christian Orthodox Church is to make known to all people, especially those of African descent, God's call to wholeness through forgiveness and holiness in Jesus Christ, and the teaching of the Orthodox Faith, and to equip for ministry all those who respond in faith."

Eccumenical (sic) Orthodox Catholic Churches, NA - Portland, OR. The defunct web site stated: "We are a bunch of older men, 55 + who have an abiding love of Christ and His message, and seek newer means by which to apply this to those in need. If you may be able to be of assistance I urge you to write to the address given herein, and call during normal business hours. We do have 24 hour answering service capicity (sic)"

Russian True Orthodox Church - Minneapolis, MN and Chicago, IL. Surf around this web site and decide for yourself if the "archbishop" is a legitimate part of Holy Orthodoxy.

Autocephalous Macedonian Orthodox Church - Once under the canonical Serbian Orthodox Church, the Macedonian church has been fully independent since 1967, and is not in communion with the world's canonical autocephalous and autonomous Orthodox churches. However, the church’s hierarchy is seeking a change in status to a canonical autocephaly under the Church of Serbia or the Church of Greece.

Latin Orthodox Church of America - East Chicago, IN. This "Benedictine" group (last we heard canonical Orthodoxy had no "orders" in its monastic ranks) says, "We are the Latin orthodox Church of America and also the Latin Orthodox Benedictine Fathers. The West Roman Church ( now called the Roman Catholic Church) broke away from Orthodoxy,around the 10th century and the LOC retained , at that time, a Orthodox position as a body of Believers....they ( LOC) fled to Mt. Athos to preserve the original Orthodoxy of the West Romans.. Rome fled from Orthodoxy, we did not! If you go the affiliated American Old Roman Catholic Church web page, it will explain all that.

Orthodox Patriarchate of America (a.k.a. Holy Orthodox Catholic Patriarchate of America, a.k.a Orthodox Church of America, a.k.a. Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church) - New Albany, OH. Claims to have been canonically established in 1950 and claims to be a "member jurisdiction" of the world-wide Eastern Orthodox Church. This sect, run by a former priest of the Antiochian Archdiocese of America, claims to have played an "important role in the establishment of nearly every Orthodox jurisdiction in America." We wonder why the official histories of nearly every Orthodox jurisdiction in America doesn't mention this group! Follow some of the links in the left column of the sect's home page and you'll note that much has been borrowed from Roman Catholicism.

The Byzantine Catholic Church, Inc. - Los Angeles, CA. Although this sect does not have "Orthodox" in its name, its web site claims it is eastern rite and western rite Orthodox. The web site seems to consume more space with "justifications" for its existence than promoting the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

The German Orthodox Church - Jacksonville, NC. The web site has been defunct for a long time (thank goodness!). When the web site was available, our description was as follows: WARNING: This could be construed as a one-man "church" group only for white people. It's web site home page states:  "The German Orthodox Church is a pacifist religious society of White people who cherish their ethnic and cultural heritage. The primary goal of the German Orthodox Church is to save the souls of White people from the darkness of sin and death. We encourage all White people to demonstrate their disapproval of violence, bloodshed, terrorism, and war by refusing to register for selective service or conscription and by refusing to participate in any type of military action, service, or support. We also encourage you to think for yourself, question everything, find your own answers, and live your life the way that you choose." On the Introduction page (click on link in left column) are these statements that some might construe as white supremacy (we make no such judgment): "...that the White Race is the Anointed and the Only Begotten of God, that all White people are born without sin, shame, or guilt, that our Recessive Genetic Code is our soul, that although the bodies of our ancestors die, the souls of our ancestors continue to live within our soul, that in time, the complex genetic combination that produced an ancestor will repeat itself again and reproduce or reincarnate that same White ancestor in a White offspring, that God covenants with us to give us forgiveness and eternal life if we possess and preserve the Token of the Holy Covenant, that our White skin is the Seal and the Token of the Holy Covenant, that our White body is the Holy Temple of God, that the White Race is not from planet Earth..." Also, click on the link The Writings in the left column, then click on the National Socialism link in the center column. Read for yourself, then you decide whether this is a white supremacist group: "It is an honor for a White person to be called a Nazi German."

Syro-Russian Orthodox Catholic Church, Romano Byzantine Synod (a.k.a. American Orthodox Catholic Church) - Duluth, MN. One must visit this web site and click on the "history" and "tenets of faith" links to attempt to grasp the meaning and history of this sect. Such defies explanation here!

Greek Pan Orthodox Archdiocese Church. See the Holy Ukrainian Autocephalic Orthodox Church in Exile in sunny, wealthy West Palm Beach, FL.

Holy Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Vasiloupolis - Queens, NY. The jurisdiction is also known as the Holy Orthodox Missionary Archdiocese of America, an archdiocese of the True Orthodox (Old Calendar) Synod of Archbishop Maximos of Athens and All Greece. This sect was founded by "Metropolitan" Pangratios Vrionis, who was allegedly defrocked as a priest by the canonical Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America in 1968, and pleaded guilty that same year to sodomizing two 14-year-old boys in Pennsylvania. A cohort of Pangratios is "Vicar Bishop" Kyrill (Esposito), reputedly consecrated by Pangratios in 1999. Kyrill is also allegedly professed in the Third Order of Carmelites, a Roman Catholic group, on October 20, 2000, at Great Martyr George Byzantine Rite Roman Catholic Church, Aliquippa, PA.

Genuine Orthodox Christians, Greek Orthodox Traditionalist Monastery of Sts. Michael and Demetrios - Dunmore, PA. In a rather long, 26-page exposition, we find this group attempting to justify its schism from canonical Orthodoxy. This sect may be related to the one immediately below.

Hellenic Orthodox Traditionalist Church of America, Holy Metropolis of the Greek Orthodox Church of America, a.k.a. Genuine Orthodox Church, and Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians - Astoria, Queens, NY. This is an old calendar group, the vestige of an ancient sect in Greece that has always been separate from the canonical Church of Greece. It was outlawed by the Greek government in 1924 and branded as uncanonical" and "heretical." This small sect itself brands the Orthodox who follow the new calendar as something akin to pawns of the Evil One, and those canonical jurisdictions that continue to use the old calendar as "pseudo-old calendarists" and "thirteendayists." 

Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece - Web site defunct. This group is probably related to the two immediately above.

Evangelical Orthodox Church - Seneca, MO. When this group's web site was functional, it fancied itself a Las Vegas-style wedding chapel!! Hear ye all from the web site: "The purpose of E.O.C. ministry is to bridge the gap between Evangelicals and Orthodoxy. To bring both traditions together so we can grow spiritually and learn from each other.

British Eparchy of the Celtic Orthodox Church, an "Orthodox" Church in Britain - York, United Kingdom. This sect says it was "established as the Orthodox Church of the British Isles in 1866, our historic Apostolic succession was derived from the Syrian Orthodox Church." Its primary liturgy is the incredibly long Liturgy of St. James. This denomination has raised a red flag with His Eminence Archbishop Gregorios of Thyateira and Great Britain, the canonical British Orthodox Church, an archdiocese of the Church of Constantinople.

Anglican Catholic Byzantine Orthodox Church - Poughkeepsie, NY. The web site of one of its parish churches states that this jurisdiction is “ Autocephalous (self-governing) Jurisdiction comprised of both Eastern-Rite and Western-Rite Orthodox Christians, and even though we are diverse in the ways we worship the Triune God, we are completely united in the Faith of the undivided Church of the Apostles. Within the ARBOC Jurisdiction one will find the ancient Liturgies of the East and the West -- from the Divine Liturgies of St. John Chrysostom and Basil the Great, the Sarum Liturgy, and the old Latin Mass (the so-called ‘Tridentine Mass’).”

The Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church, North American Synod - San Antonio, TX. This sect's single-page web site states that it is a self-governing, independent church. Also: "The Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church, North American Synod allows complete freedom of thought and inquiry to its lay members, it feels that it has a distinctive emphasis and outlook to offer to the world, and it welcomes all without prejudice on race, color, sex or sexual orientation. By expressing God's ultimate love for his people we acknowledge the celebration of the birth, passion, death, resurrection and ascension of our Master Jesus Christ. In our extended ministry through meditations, spiritual classes, home and hospital visitations we manifest the teachings of Jesus Christ by making God's love more physically present to his people."

Holy Christian Orthodox Church - Indian Orchard, MA. This sect seems to be a kind of all-inclusive religious belief system. The former web site noted: "The streams of Christianity are brought together during the Feast of Pentecost. Old Catholics, Charismatics, and Ancient Orthodoxy are blended together during a common liturgy exemplifying Christ's one Church."

English Nordic Orthodox Church of North America - St. Olav Orthodox Church [Western Rite], Minneapolis, MN. This group claims as its bishop a guy named "His Grace, Bishop +HARALAMPOS Young, Presiding Exarch in America for the 'Holy Orthodox Synod for Diaspora and Hellas (Old Calendar) ATHENS, Greece'." This is apparently a stand-alone single parish "jurisdiction." 

The Orthodox Christian Fellowship of Mercy - Thonotosassa, FL. Who are they? The defunct web site stated: "Since the abbot is a bishop and the primate-elect of the American Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church, Holy Synod of the Americas, this should be our ecclesiastical jurisdiction. However, since Metropolitan Archbishop Vladimir Sergius II not only resigned but also dissolved the North Carolina corporation under which we had operated, it is questionable whether that jurisdiction exists any more. Therefore, pending any kind of reception within another jurisdiction or some other form of association with such an entity, the Orthodox Christian Fellowship of Mercy shall function as an independent Order. Since our abbot is also a bishop, we at least have the minimum requirement to continue our ministry. hile this is not an ideal situation, it is nevertheless an adequate one for now."

The Roman Orthodox Church - Grand Ledge, MI. The sect's pedigree says: "In 1984 the Roman Orthodox Church was established as a Western Rite Orthodox Church, under the canonical jurisdiction established by St. Aftimios Ofiesh in 1927. In 1989 the ROC received its status as an autocephalous and autonomous jurisdiction with a specific apostolate to reach out with a Benedictine expression of Holy Orthodoxy. For that first decade of growth, the new jurisdiction did not fully exercise its autocephally, preferring to mature under its paternal Jurisdiction. In 1999, however, the Roman Orthodox Church stepped forward as a fully independent, canonical jurisdiction. We are traditional, moral, and Christ centered . All clergy of the Roman Orthodox Church are Orthodox Benedictines. We strive to serve God through prayer and by meeting the physical and the spiritual needs of our neighbors."

Holy Trinity Celtic Orthodox Universal Life Church - Milwaukee, WI. It is no wonder the web site is defunt. It stated:"Holy Trinity Mission offers online baptism, chrismation, confession, and communion in their full mystical representation to those who are otherwise unable to receive the sacraments in person at our south side Milwaukee chapel, or another Orthodox church locally. We also offer custom designed Celtic wedding services in your choice of location, as well as last rights for your loved ones. Full Orthodox spiritual guidance and support is also our specialty. Please email me for any of the above services. For inquiries about joining our Celtic Orthodox path through church membership, ordination as a Reverend Father or Reverend Deacon, monastic opportunities, prayer requests, and for any questions about us, please touch my name below for the email link. We are a national movement, with parishes in Wisconsin, California, New York, and Missouri. We welcome all who ask for membership."

St. Joseph the Wonder-Worker Orthodox Chapel - Brooklyn, MI. Not very Orthodox: "We celebrate the Gregorian Liturgy. Spiritually akin to pre-Vatican II Theology and Tradition of Orthodoxy in a Western liturgical setting. Mary's House of Rosaries an affiliate of our parish supplies all religious articles for information contact us at: [deleted]."

Traditional Orthodox Christian Church - Santa Rosa, CA. There is little on this church's web site to indicate what it believes in, except for some remarks about Celtic Christianity.

Uniate Western Orthodox Catholic - Brooklyn Heights and Queens, NY, and Solna, Sweden. This group is affiliated with another group called The Vilatte Guild (AEC): "The Vilatte Guild (AEC)was established in 1976 as an outreach ministry of the American World Patriarchates to continue the Apostolic ministry of the late Joseph Rene Vilatte with immigrants to the USA from the West Indies. In the 1920's with others Archbp. Vilatte participated in the creation of the African Orthodox Church, both in the USA and South Africa. The Guild has a HDQS in South Africa directed by Archbp. Kanyiles. We subscribe to the teachings of St. Vincent of Lerins."

Orthodox Christianity for Americans - Sebastopol, CA. Beliefs, of which there are none stated on this web site, take a back seat to recruitment: "If you want to know more about Old Calendar Orthodoxy for Americans; if you are a priest or hierarch wanting to know of a canonical jurisdiction that may be what you are looking for; if you would like to have book selection suggestions to read more about Holy Orthodoxy; please E-Mail us or write to us. We will be glad to answer your questions or requests. No collect phone calls can be accepted. Thank you."

Central Orthodox Synod, Synod Of Apostolic Churches - Garden Grove, CA. See also: This group claims to be an "International Synod Of Apostolic Churches." It says it represents: "The Patriarch Archbishop Of The Central Orthodox Synod, Inc., Saving Faith Ecumenical Churches (Ecumenical Churches), Inc., The Reform Catholic Church, Inc., The Prefect Of The Institute For The Operation Of Religion, Inc., The Orthodox Catholic Church, Inc., ReSource Ministries, Ecumenical Reform Church of God Scotland & England, Christian Assembly Of Nigeria, Congregatio Transformationis, Independent Church Of Antioch, Inc., The Evangelical Anglican Church In America, Inc., The Old Holy Catholic Church Of California, Inc." Enough said. Don't go there!

St. Eugene Orthodox Church - Eugene, OR. There is no information about beliefs or affiliation on its web site.

St. Andrew The First Called Orthodox Mission - Vancouver, WA. It's web site carries no affiliation information, but does declare: "We are happy to be the first Holy Orthodox Mission in the greater Vancouver, WA area! We are Old Calendar, Western Rite and welcome both ethnic and non-ethnic Orthodox, as well as converts and inquirers. Feel free to call Fr. Gabriel for more information. +God Bless You!" What's a non-ethnic Orthodox. Don't we all have an "ethnic" background?

St. Christopher's Orthodox Church - Dallas, TX. An indication of beliefs or affiliation is missing from this church's web presence. The site does state: "St. Christopher's Orthodox Church welcomes all visitors! Our patron saint is Saint Christopher the "Bearer of Christ". Join us for Divine Liturgy on Sundays at 10:00 AM." That's about it!

Evangelical Orthodox Catholic Church in America - San Jose, CA. The no longer functioning web site said: "We are an Independent Old Catholic Jurisdiction. We encourage both men and women to reach their full calling to serve the Lord. In this, we ordain both men and women to ALL Holy Orders."

Independent Greek Orthodox Church of the United States - San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA, and Albuquerque, NM. This group stated on its former web site: "We are a group of Eastern Orthodox Christians who find themselves at odds with the mainline, establishment Church. We believe that it is time that our Holy Faith move into the modern world." And: "We are accepting of all life styles and every ethnic group."

Saint Gregory's Greek Orthodox Church (Old Calendar, Synod of Joaquim Souris of Greece) - Pheonix, AZ. Leader: Gregory Menke (Bishop). the home page of its former web site stated: "St. Gregory's is a Old Calendar church following the seven ecumenical councils and teachings of the Church Fathers and uphold the seven Sacred mysteries instituted by Christ himself."

American Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church - Concord, NC. The defunct web site noted that the church is "an indigenous and autocephalous local Orthodox Church for all peoples in the Americas. It was founded in 1927 by the Russian Orthodox Church. We are Orthodox Catholic in faith, doctrine and practice. We are conservative doctrinally, and follow the Old Kalendar (Julian calendar)." This sect allows a wide variety of services and rituals.

The Episcopal Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of America - Winston-Salem, NC. According to the web site, "The Episcopal Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of America was established in 1963 as an Autocephalous (self-governing) Orthodox Jurisdiction of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. Originally named the Anglican Orthodox Church, the Archdiocese was one of the first bodies to provide an Orthodox haven for disillusioned members of the modern-day Episcopal Church USA. In 1964, the Jurisdiction received Apostolic Orders from a Bishop of the Syrian Orthodox succession and an Archbishop of the Ukrainian Orthodox succession."

Inclusive Orthodox Church - Honolulu, Hawaii. It's web site states: "Divine Liturgy is celebrated in English and open to all baptised persons and guests who attend irrespective of their denomination. The Divine Liturgy follows all essential traditions of the Rite of St. John Chrysostom and blends the western liturgical calendar, customs, venerations and observances with orthodox liturgical rites lasting approximately one hour."

Saint Columba Orthodox Catholic Mission - Burton, MI. There is no information about this group's jurisdiction on its web page. The clergy appear to be Benedictine (Roman Catholic?) monks.

Orthodox Catholic Church of France - ?


Saint Gregory of Rome Western Orthodox Parish - Slingerlands, NY. The web site home page states: "St. Gregory of Rome Parish is a parish of the North American Deanery of the Orthodox Catholic Church of France. We confess the Orthodox Christian Faith in the Tradition and teaching of the Ancient Churches and are faithful to the doctrinal decrees of the first Seven Ecumenical Councils. We celebrate the Divine Liturgy of Saint Germanus of Paris, a liturgy of the Gallican Rite in the tradition of the pre-Schism Church of the West. All services are celebrated in English. The Parish is under the care of Fr. Francis A. DesMarais, Vicar Apostolic for North America of the Orthodox Church of France."

The Orthodox Catholic Church of North America - This church's web site says: "In 1927 a Charter was created by the Russian Metropolia to establish a Church with the jurisdiction of North America. The purpose of this charter was to create an American Church, in which all of the warring jurisdictions could find unity and brotherhood. A Syrian bishop from the Brooklyn mission was elected as the first Primate. Not only was Aftimios Ofiesh a respected bishop who had proven his loyalty to "Orthodoxy" over ethnicity, but being a Syrian it was hoped that he would have a placating effect on those ethnic bodies seeking to establish their own separate Church. Unfortunately, pride and the desire to maintain a seperate ethnic identity prevented the Eastern Churches from submitting to this new American Jurisdiction." (Note: Aftimios Ofiesh is best remembered by defrocking himself by falling in love and marrying.)

The Roman Orthodox Church - This church is a Charter of the Orthodox Catholic Church of North America "with a specific ministry to reach out to the Americas with a Benedictine expression of Orthodoxy. We are not historical re-creationists trying to bring an ancient religion back to life. Orthodoxy has been active and strong for 2000 years. It is the Church of Christ on this earth. We simply express that Orthodoxy through a western rite following the example of our Western Orthodox brothers that pre-dated the schism. Our Benedictine expression is very familiar and comfortable to converts from the Roman Catholic Church and other western Churches."

Orthodox Catholic Church of the Americas - New Orleans, LA. This jurisdiction is run by the the "Basilian Fathers," "The Society of Saint Basil," and "The Society of Clerks Secular of Saint Basil."

Celtic Orthodox Christian Church - Akron, OH. This group uses a ritual called the Stowe Missal, a rite not approved for use in the canonical Eastern Orthodox Church.

St. Brendan the Navigator Celtic Orthodox Christian Mission - Dallas, TX. The home page states: "If you think you have found your spiritual home then drop us an email and let us know how we can assist you. Our own Father Deacon Tom has a special ministry to those leaving behind the New Age, occult and Neopagan movements and are ready to turn themselves around to Christ. If you have been hurt and confused by the Neopagans/New Age and confess the errors of their ways, contact Father Deacon Tom he can help you." Operators are standing by to take your call!

Our Lady of Tender Mercy Orthodox Church - Syracuse, NY. This church bills itself as a "traditional western Orthodox mission church" of the "Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of Western Europe & the Americas." Also: "Our Church and her faithful are Traditional observant Orthodox Christians worshipping according to the ancient liturgical style of the Orthodox Church in Western Europe prior to the Great Schism of 1054 a.d. Our monastics, likewise, live a life of repentance and service in obedience to the Rule of our father among the saints, Saint Benedict of Nursia. Liturgical services in our monasteries, abbeys and convents adhere to the Old Sarum Rite Monastic Offices in accordance with the very rule of the same Saint Benedict."

Holy Theotokos Eastern Orthodox Christian Mission - Toronto, ON Canada. The defunct web site stated: "This Orthodox Community serves the people of God under the Jurisdiction of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Orthodox Church formerly the Exarchate of the Patriarchate of Alexandria for the Americas. Our Jurisdiction is lead by Metropolitan +Kyril, who resides in Lincoln, Nebraska. At the present time, we meet for Liturgy at the pastor's residence. Our Divine Liturgies are conducted in English and we utilize the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom."

The Antiochian Catholic Church in America - While this church does not have "Orthodox" in its name, it derives its theology, at least in part, from Orthodoxy. The group's web site states: "The ACCA is a very small, Independent Ephesine Orthodox-(Old) Catholic jurisdiction, the primary purpose of which is to critically re-appropriate the ancient Syriac Christian Tradition, proclaiming the ancient, yet ever new, Good News it holds for this postmodern, postsecular era. Mar Michael resides in Knoxville, Tennessee, where he is Pastor of St. Demetrios' and St. Elias' Antiochian Catholic Church, the flagship parish of the ACCA."

Orthodox Archdiocese of Hermitage - Hermitage, TN. Leader: Archbishop Benjamin. A former web site seemed to exist solely to seek candidates to the priesthood by sending a resume to the archbishop.

Orthodox American Church - Jackson Heights, Queens, NY. This is a breakaway church from the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia. Its meager and now defunct  web site noted: "The worship of the Orthodox American Church is strictly Orthodox both in its presentation and performance, emphasizing the most essential features of the Divine Liturgy and the Holy Sacraments. Through the succession from the Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia our roots reach back into old Russia; however, we are fully an American Orthodox Church with American clergy, but welcoming converts without distinction as to racial, religious or nonreligious and ethnic backgrounds and also any ethnic Orthodox who may wish to worship in an American, English speaking church, and pursue, to whatever extent they may choose, the teachings which are offered. We are also without any jurisdictional ties to the old Churches and are therefore fully independent."

The Mar Thoma Orthodox Church Outside of India - Diocese of Lincoln, NE. A statement on the former web site stated: "We are Orthodox Catholics. This diocese was originally established as an Eparchy by an Old Calendar Greek Synod (founded 1950). As this Synod later on became dysfunctional, the Greek Eparchy was received as a diocese into the Mar Thoma Orthodox Church. We preach the Holy Gospel in genuine Orthodox Catholic fashion to bring people to Christ without exclusivity or ethnic boundaries. Christ's Church is neither 'Eastern Orthodox' nor 'Western Rite', but universal (catholic) in worship and faith."

St. Katherine Chapel - Seward, NE. The cult bills itself as "an Orthodox Christian church community with traditional forms of Eastern and Oriental worship. All our Services are predominantly in English. As God's creation is diverse, so His house of worship must be inclusive. Everyone is welcome to worship here regardless of creed, background, religion, shortcomings or social status."

The Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church International - Kannaplis, NC. There is no information about this group's jurisdiction on its web page.

St. Therese Orthodox Mission and Healing Ministry - Newburgh , NY. This group's web site notes: "We use the Divine Liturgy as adapted for Western Usage in the Parishes and Missions of the Federated Orthodox Catholic Churches International, according to the guidelines of St. Tikhon the Confessor." This, essentially, is the Episcopalian Book of Common Prayer Eucharistic Service with appropriate wording changes at the Epiclesis. (This is the same western liturgical service that has been authorized for use in the canonical Antiochian Archdiocese of North America, but is not connected in any way with the Antiochians.)

The Orthodox Servants of Jesus (OSJ) - Clarkdale, GA. The defunct web site proclaimed that the organization " an Orthodox Missions Congregation in the Celtic Tradition incorporating for reasons of ministry aspects of the ancient Eastern Tradition of Monasticism and the Western Tradition of 'vows of service.' Membership requires a real and disciplined prayer life; a vow to pray the Hours as consistently as possible while living in the secular world and a commitment to ministry to the least of the least."

Autonomous True Orthodox Metropolia of Western Europe and the Americas, Milan Synod - Milan, Italy. The jurisdiction's defunct web site noted: "Our Autonomous Metropolia, which is composed of several dioceses in Europe and in the Americas, directed by a Holy Synod of eight bishops, owes its origin to the Church of the 'True Orthodox Christians of Greece' (GOC). This venerable Church originally organized itself as a movement of spiritual resistance against the many forms of modernism which at the beginning of the 1920s invaded the Church of Christ, creating scandals and bewilderment."

Western Rite Traditional Orthodox Church of Central New York - The Central New York Mission of the True Orthodox Christians of the Western Rite, headquartered at St. John the Divine Monastic Cell, in Syracuse, NY. This group is affiliated with the Milan Synod group listed directly above.

Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of Western Europe & the Americas - Syracuse, NY. The group defends its existence thusly: "Under the capable archpastoral leadership of His Beatitude, Metropolitan +Evloghios of Milan & Aquileia, our current Primate, the Holy Synod of Milan was given its Tomos of Autonomy from the Old Calendar Church of Greece by the hand of Archbishop Auxentios in September 1984. While in communion with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Exile under the Blessed +Mystyslav; he became the First Patriarch of Kiev. Subsequently, our Holy Synod was received under the spiritual protection of the Kievian Patriarchate. The Blessed +Volodymir, the 2nd Patriarch of Kiev, also recognized us with a second Tomos of Autonomy in March 1994. Known as the Autonomous Orthodox Church of Western Europe & the Americas our mission is to provide a genuine, traditional --though moderate-- Orthodox Christian witness and to provide spiritual direction for those of Western birth."

The Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church International - Kannapolis, NC. Leader: His Beatitude The Most Blessed Vladimir II. No further information about this group could be found.

Holy Resurrection Abbey, A Ministry of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship of Mercy, Inc. - Thonotosassa, FL. The former web site noted: "Our ministry is under the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of His Eminence Vladimir II, Metropolitan Catholicos of the American Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church."

The Holy United Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church of North America - Hyder, Alaska. This group seems related to the two immediately above. The home page notes: "The Holy United Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America (United Orthodox Church) is an independent jurisdiction not in communion with mainstream Orthodoxy. Our apostolic succession comes from several lines dating back to Jesus Christ. Our lines include old calendar Greek and Russian."

Christ Catholic Orthodox Church - Cincinnati, OH. This group's authenticity was justified thusly on its now defunct web site: "Christ Catholic Orthodox Church is Western Rite Orthodox Church. We have Apostolic Succession From Old Catholic, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, and other Lines." All bases are covered.

The Evangelical Orthodox Catholic Church in America - Medford, NY. Established in America by Apostolic Mandate, November 7th, 1948. This independent group, which claims apostolic succession and canonicity, ordains both men and women to the priesthood.

Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church International - The defunct web site text stated: "My name is Metropolitan Archbishop Vladimir, and I serve as the Primate of The Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church International. Herein, I hope to show you all about being Orthodox, our services and various components of our jurisdiction." However, there is nothing here to indicate what the "archbishop" believes in or represents.

The Charismatic Orthodox Church - Headquartered at Holy Cross Church, St. Augustine, FL. Among its beliefs is this statement: "Our goal is to include everyone as long as sin is understood to be shunned. As the early church got together in Jerusalem to decide the fate of circumcision, so we follow their example. We do not wish to add any undue burden to our brothers and sisters in Christ except a faith in Christ and a turn from sin." Another site???

Orthodox Christianity for Americans - Sebastopol, CA. The web page invites: "If you want to know more about Old Calendar Orthodoxy for Americans; if you are a priest or hierarch wanting to know of a canonical jurisdiction that may be what you are looking for; if you would like to have book selection suggestions to read more about Holy Orthodoxy; please E-Mail us or write to us. We will be glad to answer your questions or requests. No collect phone calls can be accepted. Thank you."

Holy Orthodox Catholic Church (HOCC), Anglican Rite - (address unavailable). This groups seems to be attempting to draw people away from the Episcopal Church.

Russian-Greek Orthodox Christian Archdiocese & Traditional Orthodox Diocese - Santa Rosa, CA "It is not known if this group is associated with the one immediately above. It's web site proclaims: "There are many kinds of Christians. The basic believer in Jesus as the Messiah of God can be said to be a Christian. We all know that there are Christians that we would not want to be seen with! And then there are those who use the name, but have a ulterior motive for using the name. They are wolves in sheep's clothing. Or, as we have sadly seen recently, there is the kind of Orthodox Christian that makes treaties with the heterodox so that their 'issues will not be noticed, since we are in the minority here in America.' Truly immigrant mentality!!"

Russian-Greek Orthodox Christian Archdiocese - St. Maximos the Confessor Russian-Greek Orthodox Church, Indiana, PA. This sect may be connected with the group immediately above. Their web site says: "Who are we? We are a new Orthodox Christian community in Indiana, PA, who are dedicated to bringing the Living Word of our Lord, Jesus Christ to our neighbors in this town. Over the next several months, we will be building a site that will let you know exactly who we are, what we are doing, and how we plan to develop our ministry of love."

American Orthodox Church, U.S. Chancery - Seaside, CA. According to one of the former site's web pages: "The American Orthodox Church is the result of clergy from various mainline churches who sought to provide their own churches with the corrective balm of historical truth, but were rejected for bringing honesty and integrity by opening the iron doors that continues to hold back the Holy Spirit from entering in to aide those who are sincere 'Seekers of Truth'." Whew!

The Anglican Orthodox Church - Winston-Salem, NC. It is a breakaway church from the Protestant Episcopal Church. The church's web site declares: "The Orthodox Anglican Communion consists of churches in the United States, Madagascar, the Philippines, South America, the Central African Republic, Japan, Liberia, the Fiji Islands, Pakistan, India, and Kenya."

The Orthodox Presbyterian Church - Willow Grove, PA. This is a 1936 breakaway denomination from the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.

Orthodox Zion Primitive Baptist Church - West Palm Beach, FL. Goodness only knows why a church following the Baptist religious belief system uses the word "Orthodox."

Federated Orthodox Catholic Churches International - From its "Jesus Focus" web site we learn that The Federated Orthodox Catholic Churches International includes The Holy Orthodox Catholic Church, Diocese of Anchor, Celtic-Rite Diocese, The Brotherhood of St. Alexander Nevsky (The Alexandrians), and The Order of the Servants of Jesus;  The Apostolic Orthodox Catholic Church comprised of five Dioceses from coast to coast in the U. S. that includes The Servants in the Service of Christ, and The Daughters in God's Service; Christ Catholic Church International comprised of five dioceses from coast to coast in Canada, the U. S., Scandinavia, Australia, and which includes The New Order of St. Francis, The Order of St. Paul the Apostle, and St. Mary's School of Theology; The Holy Celtic Church; Apostolic Episcopal Church, Province of the West; CACINA/ICAB; and The Old Holy Catholic Church.

The Western Orthodox Church in America - Santa Rosa, CA. From its defunct web site, the church's Identity and Purpose began: "The Western Orthodox Church in America is a contemporary continuation of the historical practice of the Holy Orthodox Catholic Faith presented in forms both familiar and accessible to Christians of Western cultures or languages and that link it to that time when all Christians were Orthodox and Catholic in East and West."

Orthodox Catholic Church in North America - Monkton, MD. May be affiliated with the sect immediately below. This statement from its defunct web site is, decide: "That in no manner or sense is it possible to derive, directly or indirectly, spiritual authority or jurisdiction from civil governors or Royal Sovereigns, nor is it possible that the spiritual Headship of the Visible Church, or any part of it, should reside in, or be exercised, directly or indirectly, by any royal prince or sovereign, as such, but must inhere solely in, and be exercised only by, the ecclesiastically lawful and canonical Patriarch, Bishop, or other proper spiritual authority; that to admit or submit to any such lay, civil, or Royal usurpation of authority, in ecclesiastical or dogmatic matters, is to fall away from the unity and authority of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church; and that no civil assembly or parliament is able to define or establish formularies or standards of doctrine without the free action of the ecclesiastical assemblies of Bishops and clergy; and that to submit in matters of faith or doctrine to such lay civil coercion, direct or indirect, is to be separated from the faith and unity of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church."

Old Orthodox Catholic Church in North America - Archdiocese of Baltimore, MD. This group may be related to the church immediately above. The web site includes this declaration: "The Orthodox Catholic Church in North America is an independent and autocephalous self-governing jurisdiction of the ancient One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. The heritage of the Orthodox Catholic Church in North America is rooted in the Faith and Tradition of the oldest Christian Church on earth, that founded by the Holy Apostles."

Orthodox Catholic Church of the Americas - New Orleans, LA, (Archdiocese of Louisiana). The web site notes: "Holy Innocents Orthodox Church, 311 Hickory Ave., Harahan, Louisiana 70123, (504) 738-3502, is a Western Rite Orthodox Church of The Basilian Fathers, affiliated with The Orthodox Catholic Archdiocese of Louisiana, of the Orthodox Catholic Church of the Americas. The physical plant, in Western terms, would be classified as a Chapel, due to its small size. Its lineage is Russian Orthodox, and Eastern Rite Liturgy is observed in special schedules as an accommodation."

The United American Orthodox Catholic Church - Excelsior Spring, MO.  This group describes itself as a "new shoot from an old vine," and is supposedly working toward a united Orthodox church in the U.S. under a single patriarchate. It may be related to the United American Orthodox Catholic Church of Brazil, Cleveland OH.

Apostolic Orthodox Church of India - Mountain View, CA. One web page at the site identifies the head hierarch: "His Holiness, Mathias Mar Yusef, was born in San Antonio on March 19, 1946.  He has lectured in Europe, India, and the US. On August 21, 1982, Mar Yusef was received in to The Religious and Military Order of Knights of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, and served as the Order's first Grand Marshal. He was appointed Catholicos to the West in 1994, and unanimously elected to the Holy Office of Patriarch in 1996."

The Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church, North American Synod - San Antonio, TX. The church claims that it is "a self-governing Orthodox, Catholic and Apostolic community holding valid lines of Apostolic Succession. Our community is fully sacramental. We hold the importance and special aspects of the Seven sacraments as a means of God's grace to flow in the everyday lives of creation."

St. Simon Cyrenian African Orthodox Church, Inc. - Suitland, MD. - This sect follows a mixture of Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy rolled into a lump. The web site notes: "This Orthodox Catholic Faith Community of believers revere the Pope as first among many Bishops and as a true Man of God." The site has an interesting "line of apostolic succession."

Pride Orthodox Catholic Church International - Concord, NC. The web site includes the Who, the When and the Where, but fails to tell the What and Why.

The Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church International - Kannaplis, NC. As for Who, What...etc., see above church listing!!

Holy Eastern Orthodox Christian Church of America - Marbleton, GA. Another secretive church. See description of the two cults immediately above.

St. John The Divine Holy Orthodox Catholic Church - Orlando, FL. The former web site claimed the group " sponsored by the Benedictine Monks of the Orthodox Catholic Faith. We use the traditional Gregorian chant along with the Sarum Rite liturgy for our service. The Liturgy is performed in English. The Monks of the church are Professed Stavrophore and Ryassophore monks consecrated to Our Lord, under the Rule of Our Father among the Saints, Benedict of Nursia."

Patriarchal Old Roman Orthodox Catholic Church - San Rafael, CA. This groups claimed it " a multicultural/multi-ethnic church and is a jurisdiction open and welcoming to all persons without regard to color, race or ethnicity. We are a RAINBOW Church!! The Orthodox Catholic expression of the Christian faith has always represented people of all colors and races, as well as teaching and celebrating the Divine Liturgy in the resident native language, wherever it has served. The Patriarchal Old Roman Orthodox Catholic Church has historically been a church for all people, and the Church of St. Moses the Black vows to be loyal to this most ancient tradition." The church has a married episcopacy.

The Orthodox Catholic Church - The former web site stated: "The Orthodox Catholic Church is a Christian fellowship of clergy and laity whose core value is to give expression to life in the divine. The church maintains that all Christians share in the priesthood of Christ. The Orthodox Catholic Church holds the Holy Scriptures and the traditions of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church as means by which the teachings of the Christ have been handed down to his followers and as the recording of the faith journey of the Church. Our members are free to interpret creeds, scriptures and traditions."

The Holy Spirit-The Paraclete Western Orthodox Church - Williams, OR. This statement is on its home page: "Our Church is in 'canonical obedience' to His Eminence Monseigneur Germain, Bishop of Saint-Denis, hierarch of 'L'ÉGLISE ORTHODOXE DE FRANCE' - (L'ECOF), Paris. This missionary parish is a part of the North American Deanery of the Orthodox Church of France [L'ECOF]. We celebrate the 'Divine Liturgy according to Saint Germanus of Paris'; the restored 'Gallican Liturgy' that was authorized by the Moscow Patriarchate in Decree No. 1249, dated June 16, 1936."

The Italo-Greek Orthodox Church, Archdiocese of North America - Utica, NY. The web site states: "The Italo-Greek Orthodox Church constitutes an historic and traditional presence of the Orthodox Church on the island of Sicily and the southern tip of the peninsula of Italy. Historically, the Church was comprised of the original Greek communities in these areas. In 1454 AD, the Church's mission was redefined to forever perpetuate and maintain a national local Orthodox church to meet the spiritual needs of the Sicilian and Italian people and to ensure the continued presence of the Orthodox Church in Sicily and Southern Italy. In the early 1900s the mission of the Church to care for the Sicilian and Italian people was expanded to include the United States."

St. John Coltrane African Orthodox Church - San Francisco, CA. When the web site was functional you learned that he church "...was organized in 1971 under the banner or name of  'One Mind Temple Evolutionary Transitional Body of Christ.' The first meetings were held in the home of the founder,  Bishop F.W. King, who had converted and dedicated an in-law apartment into a chapel. We moved to the present location on September 23, 1972. September 23 is the anniversary of the birthday of our now Patron Saint John Coltrane. John Coltrane proclaims in his thesis, as found on the recording 'A Love Supreme,' an omnipotence of God and our need for and dependence on Him."

Ascension Orthodox Priory - Tampa, FL. Thus saith the web site: "Western Rite Orthodoxy. Spiritually akin to pre-Vatican II and BCP 1928/Anglican Missal mass. Please call in advance for information on Sunday Divine Liturgy."

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Orthodox Mission - Antioch, TN. Irregularly scheduled liturgies: "We are an Orthodox Mission of Middle Tennessee. Our Mission is to bring the Faith of the Orthodox Church to non-Orthodox and to serve the needs of the un-churched Orthodox Faithful in the area. We are a traditional Orthodox Church and are not interested promoting modern and/or ecumenical innovations or agendas as some jurisdictions do. We are small but growing. Our service times may vary due to circumstances beyond our control. All who desire the Truth expressed in genuine Christianity are welcome to attend."

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church - Smyrna, TN. No further info available.

St. Basil's Orthodox Cathedral - Nashville, TN. Listen to this, from the web site: "St. Basil's Orthodox Cathedral is a parish of HOCAJ. Both the Gregorian and Julian Calendars are used within HOCAJ. We have both Eastern and Western Rites. We do not tolerate Modernism, modern Ecumenism and reductionism. HOCAJ was founded and granted autocephalic status by the Russian Orthodox Church in 1932. It is fully canonical and fully Orthodox." Whatever is HOCAJ??

St. Olav Orthodox Church [Western Rite] - St. Olav Orthodox Church [Western Rite], Minneapolis, MN. This group admits it is independent, which puts it outside of canonical Orthodoxy.

Pan African Orthodox Christian Church, also known as the Shrine of the Black Madonna - Detroit, MI. Founded by Albert B. Cleage, Jr. a.k.a. Jaramogi Abebe Agyeman. Part of the Black Christian Nationalist Movement. Teaches Jesus is the Black Messiah sent to rebuild the Black Nation Israel and liberate the Black People from oppression, brutality, and exploitation of the white gentile world (from the Black Nationalist Creed). No known web site.

The following "Orthodox" churches have no known web site: 

Neo-Orthodox Christianity - Development associated with Swiss theologians Karl Barth and Emil Brunner’s strong reaction against the barrenness of liberal Christianity. They felt that Scripture, although a flawed, fallible, human product, could still be used by God to accomplish His purposes. Thus the Bible becomes inspired in its proclamation when the Holy Spirit quickens faith and obedience in its hearers. Thus, like liberalism, this view results in a subjective, existential encounter, which denies absolute prepositional truth in revelation.

Old Calendarist Orthodox Church (Matthewites) - Phoenix, AZ. Also known as the Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece. See An Analysis of the True Orthodox Church of Greece - "Matthewites"

Church of True Orthodox Christians of Greece

The Holy Orthodox Catholic Church, Celtic Rite Diocese - Clarkdale, GA.

Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church in Canada and the Americas

The Christian Orthodox Catholic Church, The Traditional Orthodox Christian Archdiocese - San Diego, CA

African Orthodox Church, Holy Cross Cathedral, New York City

The Orthodox Church of St. Benedict the Moor - Brooklyn, NY

Ecumenical Orthodox Church - Queens, NY 

Western Rite Orthodox Catholic Church - Brooklyn and Buffalo, NY, and Springfield, MA. 

Western Rite Orthodox Church in America - Brooklyn, NY, and various other locations around New York State. 

American Synod, Holy Orthodox Church - Jackson Heights, Queens, NY 

Apostolic Orthodox Catholic Church - Manorville, NY 

Holy Orthodox Catholic Church - Newburgh, NY 

The Orthodox Servants of Jesus - Clarkdale, Georgia

Holy Orthodox Church - American Jurisdiction - Philadelphia, PA 

Holy Orthodox Catholic Church - Brushton, NY 

Romano Byzantine Orthodox Catholic Church - Duluth, MN. 

Macedonian Orthodox Church of North America - Ft. Wayne, IN. 

Macedonian Orthodox Church in North America - Blacklick, OH. 

Holy Orthodox Church, American Jurisdiction - Nashville, TN. 

The Free Orthodox Church International - Sacramento, CA. 

Eastern Orthodox Christian Church of America and Dependencies - Marbleton, GA. 

Apostolic Orthodox Catholic Church - Glendora, CA. 

Apostolic Orthodox Church - Boerne, TX.  

Apostolic Orthodox Church in America - Brant Beach, NJ. 

American Orthodox Catholic Church (Delaware) (+Pierre) - Wilmington, DE 

American Orthodox Catholic Church, Western Rite Diocese, Medford, NY 

Byzantine Orthodox Catholic Church - Indianapolis, IN. 

Christ Catholic Orthodox Church - Euclid, OH. 

African Orthodox Church - Chicago, IL. 

Orthodox Catholic Church of Australia - Katoomba, New South Wales 

Western Rite, Orthodox Catholic Church - Springfield, MA. 

American Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church, Archdiocese of North America - Coleman, MI. 

American Synod, Holy Orthodox Church - Aurora, CO.

Holy Orthodox Church in America (+Spruit), Society of Rosicrucians in America - Preston Hollow, NY.  

The Orthodox Catholic Church in the U.S.A. - Buffalo NY.  

The Christian Orthodox Catholic Church - San Diego, CA. 

Western Orthodox Old-Catholic Church - Minneapolis, MN. 

The Orthodox Catholic Old Roman Church - Chicago, Il.  

Orthodox Catholic Church in Ohio - Cincinnati, OH.

The American Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church of America -  Kannapolis (Concord), NC

American Orthodox Church, Hawaii - Mountainview, HI. 

Ecclesia Católica Apostólica Orthdoxa (Spanish speaking) - Orange, CA. 

Holy Catholic and Orthodox Church - Old Town, FL

The Orthodox Catholic Church - Phoenix, AZ.

Ecumenical Orthodox Christian Church, Diocese of the Southwest - Denver, CO. 

St. Andrews Orthodox Mission and Center for Spiritual Direction - Denver, CO. 

St. George's Church, Eastern Orthodox - Lawtey, FL.